Eyesafe | Blue Light Technology from Healthe
Eyesafe® technology helps protect users of digital devices from the negative impacts of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light, which are emitted from our desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, the LED lights in our schools, homes and offices, and even by the streetlights in many of our cities.
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our vision is to protect yours

Eye Care Partners

Eyesafe supports and collaborates with the nation’s leading organizations and thought leaders in the fields of vision education and protection. Learn more.

eyesafe technology

Eyesafe technology and solutions include proprietary light-absorptive dyes that selectively filter UV and high-energy visible blue light emissions while maintaining on-screen color fidelity.

how eyesafe works

Eyesafe technology reduces selective portions of the light spectrum without disrupting the color and user experience. Eyesafe solutions pinpoint certain areas of the blue light spectrum while maintaining other beneficial areas of the color spectrum.

Standards for Blue Light Management

Eyesafe technology provides protection from blue light without compromising the color experience. ANSI and CIE Standards guide Eyesafe blue light management. Learn more about Standards.

Eyesafe technology from Healthe selectively filters UV and HEV blue light from digital screens including LED and OLED displays, virtual reality headsets and commercial lighting applications. Through proprietary technology and world-class partnerships, Eyesafe filters intense light without compromising the color experience. Learn more about blue light, standards and technology.

The RPF or Retina Protection Factor corresponds to the level of blue light protection. Eyesafe products range from RPF15, blocking 15% of blue light, to RPF60, blocking 60%.

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